Sunday, September 30, 2012

Kang Gary Leaving Running Man?
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Rapper Kang Gary tweeted that he will be taking a hiatus from the variety world together with his fellow Leessang artist Gil, only to retract that statement after realising the impact it would have on the respective variety shows they are currently in.

The reason, the group cites, is to focus on their music instead of developing their television personas. Surely there must be some other reason triggering the group to take such a drastic, and some argue, rash decision.
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Fans of Running Man survived a scare and would be disappointed to see possibly the most (and only) honest person in the popular variety show depart. His decency and clean image has endeared many to hail him as a good role model. Kang Gary can be said to have rose to fame through the variety show rather than through his music.

Moreover, to accommodate negotiations with Kang Gary and his team, the cast and crew of Running Man have shifted their usual filming days on Monday, initially supposed to fall on 24 - 25 September, to later in the week.

Running Man production crew has said that this will not have an effect on broadcasting schedules, so Running Man fans need not fret.

Kang Gary returns in Episode 114.

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