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Running Man Episode 119: Baseball Superpowers
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Running Man Episode 119
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Interestingly enough, Running Man production team decided to invite Korea's baseball stars to the popular Korean variety show, together with young SBS actress Jin Se Yeon. 
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Unlike previous episodes of Running Man, episode 119 lacked an opening, an introduction of the week's guests which led to awkward situations in the first part of the show. 

Surely, the basic element of a variety show is the opening segment where the guests of the week are able to introduce themselves officially to the cast and the audience. 

Baseball stars Choo Shin Soo and Ryu Hyun Jin were evidently poor in expressing themselves on television as viewers were made to guess what they were feeling. It was clear that during parts of the show, Choo Shin Soo was close to losing his temper as his competitive nature took over the logical side of things. 

Ryu Hyun Jing, on the other hand, was infecting the mood of the other members with his contagious laughter but he was seen as ruthless when he discretely removed the nametags of the two only women in the game - Song Ji Hyo and Jin Se Yeon. 

Disappointingly, the young actress Jin Se Yeon did not have as much as air time as most viewers would have hoped. 

Nonetheless, epsiode 119 of Running man is bound to attract a favourable review, thanks to a 'superpower' concept towards the end of the variety show. 

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