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Celebrity Profile: Song Joong Ki (Part 1)
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Easily one of the more popular Korean actors today, Song Joong Ki is a South Korean actor chased by doves of girls not only because of his good looks, but also of his well received acting in Korea's top dramas. Yet, like most actors, Joong Ki did not take the conventional route to where he stands today.
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Born in 1985, Song Joong Ki competed in national and local competitions for short track speed skating, winning medals before being forced to exit the sport due to an injury.

Song then focused on his studies and he showed a flair for academics which was later shown when he made his television debut on KBS's Quiz Korea as a contestant. He later enrolled in the prestigious Sungkyunkkwan University after scoring an impressive 380 out of 400 points in the college examinations.

He progressed all the way to the finals but did not managed to win the television contest. Nonetheless, that marked a significant step in his acting career. Song decided to pursue acting seriously during his sophomore year in the prestigious Sungkyunkwan University, causing his results to drop as dramatically as his rise in his fame as an actor.

Song made his acting debut in 2008 in A Frozen Flower which included a nude scene with his former fellow Running Man star Song Ji Hyo. (Frozen Flower also starred Jo In-Sung and Joo Jin-Mo as pictured in the movie poster above.) The film set in a historical context was well received in Korea. Song Joong Ki, understandably played a minor role in this film.

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Another program that most viewers will be familiar with is his role in Nice Guy (or Innocent Man) where he played a leading role, as well as taking part in variety show Running Man where he decided to leave. (Read also: Song Joon Ki Leaving Running Man) Song left the show in an emotional manner but did so to further his career in drama due to the clash in filming schedule. Fellow Running Man star Kang Gary initially had plans to leave the show not long after. (Read: Kang Gary Leaving Running Man?)

To be continued..

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