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Joe Cole Returns to West Ham
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Joe Cole has finally managed to move to his boyhood club, West Ham United.
West Ham United v Liverpool - Premier League
The attacking midfielder has been beleaguered by injuries and struggled to settle at Anfield where he failed to perform consistently. The player who moved to West Ham on a free transfer from Liverpool was supposed to revive his career at a top flight club, Liverpool, but did not manage to do so during his stay there. Perhaps it was the constant change of management that  ruffled the player.
If Liverpool had repeated their brilliant FA Cup performance in the league, they would have been able to secure a Top 4 finish or at least a decent ranking. Brendan Rogders now heads Liverpool after a tumultuous start and has tried to inculcate his former club, Swansea, style of football – basically passing the ball around and allowing everyone to have a touch of the action.
However, for such a style of football to be successful, the players must be willing to make runs around their opponents. That can be seen in captain Steven Gerrard who currently holds first place in total number of distance covered in his career, but is difficult to see in striker Luis Suarez who prefers to focus on arguments instead of playing football. The other fit senior striker Andy Carroll moved to West Ham last season after coach Rodgers made it clear that the tall striker would not fit into his proposed style of team football. The move backfired for Rodgers when Clint Dempsey pulled out of a deal with Liverpool and moved to Spurs. Rodgers was then left with one striker, Luis Suarez.
For Joe Cole to return to where he started playing football is perhaps said to be a circle completed and some say it’s a decline from his prime. Cole made a name for himself when he played for Chelsea and helped Chelsea clinch the 2009/10 Premier League and FA Cup, making 97 appearances during that period. It was also then that he earned 56 caps for England. He left Chelsea in 2010 for Liverpool and in 2011, went on loan to Lille where he played with Eden Hazard, the highly sought after striker who decided to go to Chelsea early this season.
Cole now returns to West Ham on an 18-month deal and is set to play an integral part of the team. Will manager Sam Allardyce be able to bring out the potential in Cole as he did with West Ham?

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