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Top 5 Jay Chou Songs
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Mandopop King Jay Chou, or Zhou Jie Lun (Chinese pinyin), has managed to stay relevant in the music industry through the years, retaining his crown as one of the most respected and talented musicians today.

As Jay Chou once put it, I want to become the Jet Li of music. Jet Li used Kung Fu to break into foreign markets, Hollywood. I hope my music can do the same thing. Chou has certainly made true his words as sales of his albums have been strong, especially in the Asian region where his popularity skies high.

Here are my choices for Jay Chou's Top 5 songs that have become classics of modern Chinese pop music: 

An Jing 安静 (Silence) by Jay Chou 周杰倫
Girls group S.H.E even did another version of this song and with an interesting touch. 
(watch video below)

An Jing Cover by S.H.E (Originally by Jay Chou)
Titled An Jing Le 安静了 (with translation below)

Simple Love / Jian Dan Ai by Jay Chou (Released 2006)

Qing Tian by Jay Chou

Cai Hong / Rainbow by Jay Chou

Ye Qu by Jay Chou

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