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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Singapore Ad Spoofed by Celebrities

It's a rare occurrence that one witnesses advertisements by Singapore being parodied and spoofed by popular celebrities and this one was with regard to a powerful anti-gambling advertisement by the National Council on Problem Gambling.

Despite the widespread mocking of the ad around the world, the agency behind the peculiarly accurate prediction of Germany winning the World Cup has defended its ad and "believes it has done its job" according to this article published by Asiaone.

US talk show host Jimmy Fallon was among one of the first to joke about the ad and even had his production crew to make a video parody of the ad, showing 'Andy', the boy featured in the video, smiling at the very end. The tagline was also changed to "Keep It. Gamble".

It turns out that Jimmy Fallon isn't the only talk show host to make fun of the ad. Here's another where John Olivier takes a swipe by two remade videos.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Movie Review: Hansel and Gretel - Witch Hunters

We do write reviews of movies though sporadic as our niche lie in the world of football. Nonetheless, we like to offer recommendations to our loyal readers on what movies to catch.

Released in 2013, the classic story of Hansel and Gretel is given a twist where Hansel and Gretel are bounty hunters who make it their livelihood to track down and kill evil witches.

The fabled blood moon which occurs once every generation is set to return and Hansel and Gretel find themselves encountering a different, yet somewhat familiar, form of evil that holds the secret to their past.

An intriguing story-line, the movie does well in enthralling the audience from start to finish but we recommend that this movie is not for the young ones given the generous scenes of blood splattering and the blowing of heads into bits.

Frequent movie-goers will find both the lead actors familiar, with Jeremy Renner playing Hansel and the beautiful Gemma Arteton playing Gretel. Renner starred in Thor as Hawkeye while Gemma Arteton can be found in a litany of movies and television series.

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Premier League Updates

The World Cup tournament has once again seen its fair share of drama, with breakout stars being sought after with the end of the world's most coveted football competition.

Manchester United looks towards former Netherlands head coach, Louis Van Gaal, who stepped down after Holland's relatively successful World Cup campaign where they finished third in the competition.

They lost to Argentina in the semi-final and went on to beat the fancied but weakened hosts Brazil 3 - 0 in the third-placing match.

Van Gaal had already began using his clout during the World Cup campaign, attempting to entice Bayern Munich star Arjen Robben to United but Robben refused, saying that he's happy at Bayern Munich under former Barcelona coach Pep Guardiola.

Holland's other striker Van Persie is set to be featured in next season's Premier League alongside Wayne Rooney, however this time, without the likes of Vidic, Rio Ferdinand and Patrick Evra.

Evra, who spent eight years and almost a decade at United, had been courted by Italian giants Juventus and Rio Ferdinand ended up signing for Queen Park Rangers (QPR) under his former West Ham coach Harry Redknapp.

Rio is set to play alongside his brother, Anton Ferdinand, as well as new signing and England international Caulker.

Meanwhile, all eyes are on the Gunners where Arsenal is said to be the preferred choice for Alexis Sanchez to move to. Liverpool and other clubs were said to be in the running to sign the star.

Liverpool had lost their talisman Luis Suarez under a 70 million pounds deal to Barcelona which manager Brendan Rodgers is given the green light to reinvest the money in what is probably Liverpool's largest transfer window as of yet.

Rodgers had earlier lamented Liverpool's lack of depth within the squad, especially with Liverpool playing in the Champions League in the coming season.

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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The End of the World Cup: A Conclusion

The world's most closely watched football tournament has finally concluded in the Maracana stadium of Brazil where the grand final of Argentina versus Germany was played.

Note: The links are internal ones that will direct you to the blog entries we wrote. 

This also concludes the end of our coverage of our beloved football tournament that has brought us much joy, drama and speculation. This post serves as a  well-deserved end to the plethora of entries we wrote over the past few weeks on the World Cup.

In the group stage, we witnessed the courage mustered by the Americans who took on Portugal and ultimately progressed to the Round of 16, in a blog entry on matches in Group G. An interesting note is that the Americans received much support from celebrities such as Will Ferrell and Hulk Hogan which we wrote in this entry.

Belgium, who later eliminated the Americans (US knocked out by Belgium), beat Russia in the group state but was ultimately beaten by Argentina though Chelsea's coach Jose Mourinho remarked that the Belgium team has a good future ahead with its many talents available.

Despite being eliminated, both Spain and Australia played their hearts out in a final group stage match where the Spaniards thumped the Socceroos 3 - 0 though the latter can take heart from their encouraging campaign.

Uruguay survived the group stage matches and saw off both England and Italy, but there was one controversial decision regarding their talisman Luis Suarez who once again bore his fangs into an Italian defender (Read more: Luis Suarez bites again) and was heavily punished by FIFA.

Even Suarez's unveiling at Barcelona was blocked by the governing body. Another notable transfer is that of England's Luke Shaw who was sold to Manchester United for a record 30 million pounds, causing former United player Scholes to lament the inflated price for a defender.

France and Germany had a showdown in the quarter-final though the favourites were clearly the Germans. The French eventually lost. (Read more: France versus Germany)

Germany went on to wallop Brazil in the semi-finals 7 - 1 and the weakened hosts, overwhelmed by the loss of their star striker Neymar to injury (Neymar out of World Cup), succumbed to another embarrassing defeat in the third-placing match with a nightmare start.

We also wrote an additional blog entry for The Battle for Third Place, which Brazil finally lost 3 - 0 and eventually gave the Netherlands some space to celebrate their moderately successful World Cup campaign.

And finally, we saw how Germany won a bruising match against the Argentina team which were left to rue their missed chances and eventually bagged the World Cup in this blog entry.

Argentina's captain cut a lonely, miserable figure among his teammates who were sobbing and crying on the pitch as they watch their German counterparts celebrate on the other side of the pitch. (We also wrote a popular entry about What you need to know about Lionel Messi: The World's Greatest Player)

Monday, July 14, 2014

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