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Website Review: Bakerro - Singapore's Baking Community

We recently chanced upon a new website called Bakerro which can be found at this link, and decided to do a review on it.

The following pretty much summarises everything you need to know about Bakerro, Singapore’s Baking Community and Forum. 

We are looking to bring together people who are looking to share their passion and interests in baking - through the sharing of recipes (be it cakes, cupcakes, muffins), recommendations of equipment and reviews of baking courses and workshops.

Site Review:

Website Review:
We recently chanced upon a new site that blogs about the latest happenings in the South Korean entertainment scene, KpopConfessions.

Kpop stands for Korean popular culture in short, and what's different about their website is that their articles are rather informative and are of a great length, providing much details compared to other fan blogs about Korean pop culture.

They also have a Facebook page, which has garnered more than 900 likes, which you can also visit.

If you are a fan of Korean variety shows like Running Man, Infinity Challenge or Return of Superman, you will surely be loving the articles that they post.

Do let us know what you think of KpopConfessions in the comments section below.

We have moved to

Dear readers,

We have moved to

Thank you for supporting this site and we hope to see you on our new site!

Understanding the Premier League by Samson Carl Miller

Published with permission from Samson Carl Miller. Read the full article complete with two bonus chapters on his blog

New E-Book Released: Understanding the Premier League
What you need to know about the world's most closely watched football league.

Understanding the Premier League
As promised in my previous blog post where I wrote about City's victory over West Ham to win the Premier League title, I have released my new book titled Understanding the Premier League.

This book was written for those who do not have prior knowledge of what the Premier League is and for those who have trouble holding conversations about happenings in the Premier League.

This book was written to provide an understanding as well as an elaborate account of the Premier League's top three football clubs, namely Manchester United, Liverpool and Chelsea for those already acquainted with the technical jargon of football.

As a staunch football fan, I would like what you guys think of my latest book as well as that of my previously published books on Amazon.

I look forward to your support once again!
  1. Amazon US
  2. Amazon UK
  3. Amazon CA (Canada)
  4. Amazon AU (Australia)
  5. Amazon Japan
  6. Amazon DE (Germany)
  7. Amazon MX (Mexico)
  8. Amazon IT (Italy)
  9. Amazon FR (France)
  10. Amazon ES (Spain)
  11. Amazon BR (Brazil)
  12. Amazon IN (India)
Description of the book:
This book helps to educate the reader about the latest happenings in the Barclays' Premier League, England's top football league and the world's most closely watched football tournament. 
Readers, unfamiliar with the Premier League and who often struggle to understand what their family or friends are saying when they talk about English football, will no longer have to find themselves stuttering with a crash course given to you by reading this e-book. 
Written in an easy-to-read format, it's almost as exciting as hearing the commentary during an interesting football match.
For readers already acquainted with the jargon of the football world, you will also not be disappointed by an elaborate account of what the author considers to be the top three teams in the league, namely Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool and Chelsea Football Clubs. 
This e-book was written with much passion by a staunch football fan who hopes to spread the love.

New Book Release: How to Earn Money Online in 5 Easy Ways

Published with permission from

New Book Release
How to Earn Money Online in 5 Easy Ways
Harness the power of the Internet with just five simple, easy-to-implement methods
Written by Samson Carl Miller

To all my readers out there,

I have good news for all of you once again. I have just released and published my latest e-book titled "How to Earn Money Online in 5 Easy Ways" on Amazon. (You can find the links to buying my book below.)This is my third book release this month, and what a fulfilling start to the year it has been!

This easy-to-read e-book was written by the aim of educating anyone who has connectivity to the Internet to be able to realise some of their dreams and perhaps aid them in their financial situation. Why not seize the opportunity to earn a few dollars each month by putting in consistent hard work? You don't have to be a genius or possess a high level of intelligence to be able to do so.

A short description of my newest book:

Have you ever always wanted to earn some income on the side? A couple of bucks earned definitely won't make things dramatically better for you, but it certainly won't hurt to have a few more dollar bills in your pocket. This e-book teaches you five easy ways where you can tap on the potential of the Internet, put your skills and talents to good use and laugh your way to the bank.

Here's a snippet of the book's content:

Chapter One: Create your Own Blog
Chapter Two: Sell Stuff Online
Chapter Three: Complete Paid Online Surveys
Chapter Four: Freelance Writing
Chapter Five: Graphic Design: Photography

You can buy my book using the following links below depending on which region of the world you are situated in:

1. Amazon US
2. Amazon FR
3. Amazon BR
4. Amazon IN
5. Amazon ES
6. Amazon CA
7. Amazon UK
8. Amazon Italian
9. Amazon MX
10. Amazon DE
11. Amazon Japan
12. Amazon Australia

Thanks to all who have supported me in my literary journey thus far! Do stay tuned to this blog for further updates as well as new upcoming books! 

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