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3 Reasons why you should visit


This is best summarised in their description page where they wrote that:

“Startup Storey is a leading Singapore website featuring success stories of startups in the Asia Pacific region and highlights the lessons to be learnt from each story. Send us an email if you would like your startup to be featured, or have other interesting stories to share with the Startup Community.

If you are looking for information about learning more about the vibrant startup scene or building your own startup, you have come to the right place. We have failed and we have been successful. This is our story.”

Reason #1: Finally, an ebook is written about Strawberry Startups!

We have no idea what a “strawberry startup” is until we chanced upon the following ebook.’s Chief Editor, Moses, has published an ebook titled “The Strawberry Startup: Everything you need to know about turning your passion into a profitable business & how you can build a startup on your own” which has sold relatively well on Amazon, the iBookstore, Barnes & Noble and other online marketplaces.

What’s even more intriguing is that the book has garnered relatively positive reviews, especially on its Goodreads page. StartupStorey has featured a dedicated post about the ebook here.

Reason #2: You’ll learn something new from the success stories being featured.

Always wanted to be successful, rich or famous but not quite there yet?

Reading success stories give you different perspectives. Studies have shown that staying mentally stimulated can slow the progress of or even prevent the occurrence of Alzheimer’s and dementia, as keeping your brain active and engaged prevents it from ”growing old”.

We can look for inspiration from a success story and if we wish to follow a similar path we can learn the way to achieve our goals on a similar path. Everything you read fills your head with new bits of information, and you never know when it might come in handy.

Reason #3: You may be the next success story featured on their website.

If you wish to be featured, drop a message at our contact form and they will get back to you as soon as possible.

Other possible means of collaboration are writing as a guest blogger, sales promotions for ebooks, or wanting to give a shoutout to the team (to view your startup, small business or company). Drop them a message to say hello here.

GMAT Sample Essays - Spiessa Restaurant Industry Essay Prompt

The following is taken from a sample essay prompt (Analytical Writing Assignment Section) of the GMAT:

The following appeared as part of an article in the travel section of a newspaper:

“Over the past decade, the restaurant industry in the country of Spiessa has experienced unprecedented growth. This surge can be expected to continue in the coming years, fueled by recent social changes: personal incomes are rising, more leisure time is available, single-households are more common, and people have a greater interest in gourmet food, as evidenced by a proliferation of publications on the subject.”

GMAT Sample Essays 11 - Saluda Natural Spring Water Essay Prompt

The following is taken from a sample essay prompt (Analytical Writing Assignment Section) of the GMAT:

Laboratory studies show that Saluda Natural Spring Water contains several of the minerals necessary for good health and that it is completely free of bacteria. Residents of Saluda, the small town where the water is bottled, are hospitalized less frequently than the national average. Even though Saluda Natural Spring Water may seem expensive, drinking it instead of tap water is a wise investment in good health."

Discuss how well reasoned . . . etc.